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"Love is the will to extend one,s self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth" - M.Scott Peck

The Nameless project is born of a regenerative mindset.
We are not driven by pretentions or ego, but by a desire to create mutually beneficial human connections.

We are not bounded, but can take on any form an event calls for.

We are constantly connecting, like mycelia, with established or developing musicians, inviting them to adventure with us.

Each event we play at is an experiment, with fresh music, new guests, and new partners.

We are led by a generous and inclusive attitude, with light-hearted humour, and a desire to play a part in promoting and developing the arts in greater Tavira as a crucial component in community wellbeing.

The band was founded by 4 immigrants to Portugal - all experienced professionals, eager to 'give back' to the community in which they chose to 'nest'.

In the meantime, the drummer, Andy Wright, has moved on, and we have been joined by Miguel Ângelo do Carmo Serina.
(see attached Biography)'

Our repertoire is centred around Rock, but knows very diverse styles. The repertoire we select is 'off-piste', less known and unexpected, rather than popular. Our intention is to entertain with music which heightens the curiosity of the listener. It challenges our own musical capabilities as well as those of our guest musicians, such that we raise each other's game.

The guest musicians we have worked with to date are:

Sofia Grácio - keyboards & vocals (Voice of Portugal & solo artist)
Marco Canas - saxophone (from Plasticine)
Rita Gonçalves - vocals (from GIGGY)
Zico - guitar & vocals (solo artist)
Stelmo Barbosa - flute
Claudia Correia - vocals (4soul band Tavira)

We are actively seeking new guest vocalists and instrumentalists including violin, a brass secion, and a 10 piece choir.
Part of the project is to create a robust alliance with the Academia de Musica de Tavira, to involve students from the academy , giving them stage performance experience, and potentially motivating others - children and youth to explore music as their expression.

January 2023 - updated January 2024
Grant Davidson

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