Core Members
Grant Davidson - Lead guitar and vocals

Origin New Zealand, 1957
Starting with the ukelele, has played guitar since the age of 10.
Played solo and with various local bands in New Zealand during his teens`

Moved to the Netherlands at 22, joining a cover band for 6 years, then becoming front man for a 25 piece big-band.
Now resident in Cabanas de Tavira.

Semi-retired Design Director, and Leadership educator, focussing on Regenerative practices.

''Music is a great binding activity, an international language, and a healing force for relationships and collaboration. I believe that
NAMELESS can contribute to the promotion of music as an element of cultural expression, and help stimulate community participation in the events born of the NAMELESS project."
Stan Lewis - Bass

Origin South Africa, 1959

Played guitar from early age and added bass over time, playing with various bands in S.A.

Joined the Academia Música de Tavira to further his capabilities on the bass, with Pedro Pereira.
Now resident in Conceição de Tavira.

Retired airline Captain.
"My passion in music comes from my heart and soul.
Music helps my expression of emotion and feeling. I also want to contribute to passing our passion on to the public in order for them to enjoy and experience something that I believe no one else does in Portugal.
A new experience for all."
Miguel Ângelo do Carmo Serina - Drums

Origin - Vila Real de Santo António, Portugal, 1989.
Living in Tavira

Now working as a physical education teacher at the Joáo de Deus school in Tavira, and as a socio-cultural animator at the senior residence Sol e Mar, Tavira.
Captain of the local futsal team, Somnambulos.

"I have been playing drums since I was very young, and always had a great passion for music."
Adrian Hook - Guitar

Origin - United Kingdom, 1967

Played guitar since the age of 14.
Joined various UK bands between 1986 and 2000.

Now resident in Arroteia as Partner at Blevins Franks financial services.

"I enjoy sharing my love of music, it's allowed me to meet and perform with exceptional people."
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